Amanda McCluney
Amanda McCluney
May 03, 2018

Thriftly 2.0: Behind the scenes of building our new brand

At almost 2 years into a successful brand, it may seem like an odd choice to start from scratch with a new look and new message. But a rebranding is exactly what the Thriftly team decided to tackle in early 2018.

Here’s why...

In the beginning

Let’s start with a bit of Thriftly history: Back in 2016, Thriftly (first known as Evolution) was born based on the customer needs we knew all too well after years of consulting at our parent company, Mertech Data Systems.

Our focus at Mertech was helping our ISV clients modernize their mission-critical legacy software by migrating their applications to the cloud. Project after project, the story was the same. Every client struggled with their transition to the cloud because their legacy applications lacked APIs, they were dependent on custom code, and there was no way to access those applications or their core business logic remotely.

The answer was almost always the same: a refactor would be necessary… except in those worst-case scenarios, when a rewrite was required. Either way, these projects were time consuming, cost our clients a ton of money, and invariably carried some risk.

We knew there had to be a better way, and to make a long story short, we created Thriftly to revolutionize the cloud adoption process by making it easier, faster, and cheaper for developers of any skill level, using any programming language, to build web APIs.

Why rebrand?

When we initially launched Thriftly, our focus was to test the concept of this new, easy API-building solution with a few ISVs. We wanted to validate the idea and all the related possibilities that came with it, until we had a few customer success stories to share.

At this point, we’ve verified the concept of giving any developer, of any skill level, the ability to build secure web APIs which means that cloud adoption will be easier than ever before, for any organization. We’ve tested relentlessly, and ironed out the kinks with the help of our incredible early adopters (read more about them in our case studies). Now, with Thriftly being used extensively at many different sites, we’re ready to help the mainstream expedite their cloud adoption.

But, before we dive in and spread the word about Thriftly, we decided to take a long, hard look at our website, brand, and visitor experience. We knew we could, and had to, do much better. You see, when we initially launched our website, we picked a couple of colors we thought we liked, and over time we tried a lot of different messages. Ultimately, none of them would stick.

As time has passed in these first two years, we gained more customers, more team members, and a new level of clarity about the message and the look that we wanted to share.

So, what was once this:

the Thriftly site before rebranding

Is now this:

the Thriftly 2.0 rebranding

A fresh look

We wanted our new logo to be more than just an icon. It had to reflect our link to cloud computing, and also symbolize the endless possibilities that our customers achieve with their technology by combining the cloud with their on-premise systems.

The result is a brand mark that combines a cloud, with a somewhat stylized version of an infinity symbol, and we chose to repeat the same principal colors that we use at Mertech in order to celebrate our roots. The typeface used in the logo was made just for us by our awesome design team, drawn first by hand before turning it into the final product you see today.

A new message

The end goal was clear. We wanted our brand to be friendly and approachable, but still educational and professional. There was also the realization that we needed to work harder to offer a clear explanation about what Thriftly can do and the kind of results we can deliver.

Digging in to that realization, it’s obvious that there are dozens of companies out there in the API space. They offer API platforms, management, documentation, testing, and more. They talk about the importance of modernization, and they use all the right buzzwords.

It’s easy to get lost in all the options you have.

But, Thriftly is different than all the rest - and we wanted to state that clearly from the moment a visitor lands on the home page. We’re not just a platform for keeping your APIs organized. We’re a new, easy way to build APIs - no extra coding required.

The outcome

After spending several weeks creating our new brand, we had just about the same amount of time to implement it for the launch of the new Thriftly site. Could we have used a bit more time and made a few more updates? Absolutely. But, when it comes to our site and our marketing materials, we know that there will always be fresh ideas to add and changes to make. As it stands, we’re proud of the direction we’re heading and we’re excited to see what we accomplish next.

Welcome to Thriftly 2.0! Let us know what you think about our new brand in the comments below.