Paul Royer
Paul Royer
September 14, 2017

Power BI & Thriftly: business intelligence made easy [webinar 30min]

In this presentation, we show you how Thriftly APIs make it easy to gather your organization’s data, from different data sources and services anywhere in your corporate network, and analyze it all in one place using Power BI. All in real-time and without requiring any network re-configuration.

This presentation is for:

  • CIOs/IT Managers interested in using Power BI at your organization
  • Developers interested in Power BI’s real-time reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Software Vendors interested in providing business analytics add-ons

In this presentation, you'll learn how to:

  • Write simple data access APIs in C#, Java, VB, or DataFlex using Thriftly
  • Publish your APIs to the web through Thriftly’s API gateway
  • Access your APIs, and your data, in Power BI
  • Create stunning reports and dashboards in Power BI
  • Publish and share your Power BI reports over the web

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