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December 31, 1969

How to Get Started Securing APIs - OAuth2

Matt Ledger
By Matt Ledger | API Development, API Security | No Comments
January 30, 2018

If you want to create secure APIs, you have to know about OAuth2. OAuth2 (an evolution of the original OAuth) is the current standard in API security, providing a framework that funnels API users into a particular set of authorization workflows.

How API Security Works

Matt Ledger
By Matt Ledger | API Development, API Security | No Comments
January 23, 2018

Proper API security checks users in and provides them with limited access to your system, just as a concierge does for guests at a hotel. Let me explain.

The larger process of API security breaks down into five subprocesses: identification,...

The Importance of API Security

Matt Ledger
By Matt Ledger | API Development, API Security | No Comments
January 16, 2018

Think about your applications and databases as a dartboard in a bar. Then, think of hackers and other malicious entities as patrons throwing darts at that dartboard, attempting to land a hit.

The Importance of Automated API Monitoring and Testing

Antonio Perez
By Antonio Perez | API Development, API Security, API Testing | No Comments
January 11, 2018

A constant flow of information forms the basis of modern society. In a world of continuous integration and development, every device with an Internet connection is bound to share or request information from a server hundreds of miles away. ...

The Basics of API Security - The Intro

Matt Ledger
By Matt Ledger | API Development, API Security | No Comments
January 04, 2018

Anyone who knows anything about APIs knows to ask one basic question before launching one of their own: What about security?

Happy Holidays from Thriftly!
By | No Comments
December 25, 2017

We're taking the week off from providing you with web API development and Hybrid Cloud information to spend time with our family and friends, and we hope you're doing the same! We'll catch you next week, and we wish you and yours a happy holiday...

Three Ways Thriftly Makes API Development Easy

Oliver Nelson
By Oliver Nelson | API Development | No Comments
December 19, 2017

So you want to build your first API. It can’t be too hard; everyone’s doing it. But as you travel down the road of API development, you’re going to face some serious choices.

J. Renee Leverages Thriftly APIs to Modernize Their Online Store, Increasing Sales by 500% in Two Years
By | Case Studies | No Comments
December 14, 2017

Accompanying two brand acquisitions, fashion emporium J. Renee decided to upgrade their online storefront. Neither able nor willing to invest in completely rewriting their applications for mobile, J. Renee was ecstatic to find Thriftly’s...

Thriftly + One Weekend = A New Hybrid Cloud Application for the Royal Belgium Korfball Association
By | Case Studies | No Comments
December 07, 2017
Looking to optimize the Royal Belgium Korfball Federation’s referee management system, Lynx Automation CEO Erik Baetens used Thriftly to launch a smarter, Cloud-based application in just one weekend.

How to Entice Developers to Use Your API

Matt Ledger
By Matt Ledger | API Development | No Comments
December 06, 2017

As a writer, I’ve learned getting people to read your work is just as hard, if not harder, than actually creating something. The same is true for APIs. You can put as much time and care into creating an API as you want, but if you don’t promote...


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